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Adults are not the only ones who need to study God’s word. Therefore, we have developed material to aid children in their studies. Children could study these alone or with an adult to help mold their young hearts for the Lord. These studies are available in print format. Free and purchase options are available for each lesson.


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Miracles Of Jesus 

Lesson 1: Jesus' Miracles Prove That He Is The Son Of God

Lesson 2: Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

Lesson 3: Jesus Heals The Sick

Lesson 4: Jesus Shows Power Over Nature

Lesson 5: Jesus Feeds The Multitude

Lesson 6: Jesus Makes The Blind See

Lesson 7: Jesus Heals The Deaf And Mute

Lesson 8: Jesus Makes The Paralyzed Walk

Lesson 9: Jesus Shows Power Over Animals

Lesson 10: Jesus Raises The Dead

Lesson 11: Jesus Did Many Other Miracles

The Big Picture 

Lesson 1: The Greatest Book Ever Written 

Lesson 2: Getting To Know Your Bible 

Lesson 3: The Story Of Bible (Part 1)

Lesson 4: The Story Of Bible (Part 2)

Lesson 5: The Story Of Bible (Part 3)

Through The Bible

Part 1 (The Beginning)

Lesson 1: The Creation 

Lesson 2: Adam And Eve In The Garden Of Eden

Lesson 3: Adam And Eve Sin 

Lesson 4: Sin Spreads

Lesson 5: The Flood 

Lesson 6: After Flood

Lesson 7: Job's Losses

Lesson 8: Job Searches For Answers

Lesson 9: God Calls Abram 

Lesson 10: God's Covenant With Abram 

Lesson 11: A Visit From Three Men 

Lesson 12: The Son Of Promise

Lesson 13: Isaac's Family

Lesson 14: Jacob Receives The Blessing 

Lesson 15: Jacob And Esau Meet 

Lesson 16: Joseph Is Sold 

Lesson 17: Joseph Becomes Great In Egypt

Lesson 18: Joseph And His Brothers

Lesson 19: Jacob Goes To Egypt 

Lesson 20: Jacob's Death 


Part 2 (The Exodus)

Lesson 1: Slaves In Egypt 

Lesson 2: God Calls Moses

Lesson 3: Moses Goes To Pharaoh 

Lesson 4: The Ten Plagues (Part 1)

Lesson 5: The Ten Plagues (Part 2) 

Lesson 6: The Israelites Leave Egypt

Lesson 7: Journey To Sinai 

Lesson 8: God's Covenant With Israel 

Lesson 9: The Ten Commandments 

Lesson 10: The Tabernacle 

Lesson 11: The Priesthood 

Lesson 12: The Sacrifices And Holy Days

Lesson 13: Israel Leaves Sinai 

Lesson 14: Israel Refuses To Enter Canaan 

Lesson 15: Wandering In The Wilderness 

Lesson 16: Wandering In The Wilderness Part 2

Lesson 17: The First Settlement

Lesson 18: Moses Prepares The People


Part 3 (Conquering Canaan)

Lesson 1: Israel Crosses The Jordan

Lesson 2: Jericho And Ai

Lesson 3: Victories Throughout The Land

Lesson 4: Dividing The Land

Lesson 5: Joshua's Farewell

Lesson 6: Israel's Failure

Lesson 7: Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, And Deborah

Lesson 8: Gideon

Lesson 9: Abimelech To Abdon

Lesson 10: Samson

Lesson 11: Wickedness In Dan And Benjamin

Lesson 12: Ruth