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2nd Generation Christians 

All Things Have Become New

Are You Ashamed Of The Gospel?

Are You Failing Your Children?

“Be Holy, For I Am Holy”

“Be Holy, For I Am Holy” (Lesson 8: Overcoming Obstacles To Holiness)

Bury The Hatchet 

Contingency Planning

Daily Discipleship 

Do We Need Organized Religion?

Enough's Enough! 

Finding True Peace

Finding Your Family's “Why”?

Finding Your “Why?”

Following Jesus At A Distance 

Gaining Heavenly Wisdom

Giving God Your Leftovers

Giving Your Heart To God (2 Lesson Series) 

God's Blueprint For The Home (12 – Lesson Series)

Go Make Disciples Series 

Have You Forgotten How To Blush?

If Jesus Spent The Week With You 

Is There Really? (8 – Lesson Series) 

Jesus The Way (Lesson 4: Jesus Is The Way To Victory Over Sin And Death)

Jesus The Way (Lesson 5: Jesus Is The Way To God)

Jesus Is The Way (Lesson 6: Jesus Is The Way To Heaven)

Leaving A Legacy That Matters 

O Be Careful 

Remember Now Your Creator 

Resolutions For A Better You

Resolving To Follow The Lord 

Restoring New Testament Christianity 

Seeking God Series (8 – Lesson Series)

Taking God Seriously

The Christian's Attitude 

The Christian's Attitude Toward Clothing 

The Christian's Attitude Toward Conscience

The Christians Attitude Toward Judging

The Christians Attitude Toward His Reputation

The Christian's Attitude Toward Submission 

The Christian's Attitude Toward The Assemblies Of The Local Church 

The Christian's Attitude Toward The Past 

The Christians's Attitude Toward Unity 

The Christians Attitude Toward Worry 

The Golden Rule Series (3 Lesson Series) 

The “How Close Can I Get?” Mentality 

The “Somebody Else Can Do It” Mentality

The “Someday I'll Get Around To It” Mentality

The Value Of One 

To Whom Will You Go?

Training Men To Be Worship Leaders (6 – Lesson Series)

Wanted: Kingdom Servants

Warning Signs Of Drifting 

We Have An Anchor! (8 – Lesson Series)

What Does It Mean To Be A Christian (16 – Lesson Series)

When A Christian Sins

Would You Die For Christ?

You Are Wanted!

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