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God has given each member of the home a specific role to fulfill. As the Architect of the home, He is the one who knows how the home will be the most successful. So, if we are interested in building according to God’s blueprint, we must observe these roles and fulfill them to the very best of our abilities.

Although every member of the family is equal in importance and value, they do not all have equal roles. But, rather than despising the roles God has assigned, these roles ought to be embraced. Each member of the home ought to learn how he/she can fulfill these roles in such a way that will result in God-approved homes.

The husband and father is one important piece in the home. And, God has given him the distinction of being the head of the home. Certainly, this involves great responsibility, as much of his family’s success will depend on how he fulfills his role. It is, indeed, very sad and devastating to a family whenever husbands and fathers do not listen to God concerning their role in the home.

As we consider God’s blueprint for the home, we must consider His blueprint for the role of the husband and father. Although Satan is working to diminish this role and reorganize the home, we must recognize that God’s plan is always the best one. So, we must consider the man as the head of the home. And, in doing so, this means that we must consider the husband as head of his wife and as head of his children.

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