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God has given each member of the home a specific role to fulfill. As the Architect of the home, He is the one who knows how the home will be the most successful. So, if we are interested in building according to God’s blueprint, we must observe these roles and fulfill them to the very best of our abilities.

The roles in the home are not up to our own private interpretations or opinions. Instead, we must recognize that God has carefully assigned each one. As such, every role is crucial to the wellbeing of the home. The role of the wife and mother is no different.

Although we have discussed the fact that the man has been designated by God as the head of the home, perhaps we could then say that the woman is the backbone of the home. Her role (though not the same in authority) is critical to the success of the home. It is sad to see the success, then, that Satan has had in convincing both men and women that women should seek other roles besides the one God has assigned. The results have truly been devastating!

You see, Satan is trying to convince men and women that God’s roles for women are “old-fashioned,” “out-of-date,” “oppressive,” and “demeaning.” Thus, as Satan succeeds in this regard, he succeeds in pulling homes into chaos and danger. So, we must consider the true value and beauty of a virtuous woman fulfilling her God-given role in the home. Not only will this be in the best interest of her soul and her family, but it will also be the only role that will lead her to experience the greatest fulfillment in life.

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