Every time a new year rolls around you hear many people talk of making certain resolutions. They evaluate their lives in their current condition – and consider what areas they would like to make changes in as they anticipate the coming of the new year. Many New Year’s resolutions are set to lose weight, to exercise, to change certain habits, to become more successful, to learn some new skill, etc., etc., etc.

The practice of making resolutions is a good thing. It is good for us to take time (whether it is at the time of the New Year or any time throughout the year) to evaluate our lives currently and determine what steps we need to take to get where we want to be during our lives.

The word “resolve” means to make up your mind beforehand. For instance, before the next year even begins, those who make New Year’s resolutions already determine how they will live differently than they lived in the current year. Then, whenever challenges to their goals come along, they can overcome those challenges – because they have already decided/predetermined their course of action!

Now, there are many good resolutions you can make that will improve your physical life. However, there is no greater resolution you need to make than resolving to follow the Lord

Resolving to follow the Lord is the most meaningful resolution you will ever make. It will change your life (for the better) in every area – though there will be great sacrifices associated with it. Ultimately, it will result in the eternal salvation of your soul in Heaven! But, there are many challenges that are involved in resolving to follow the Lord. So, this lesson simply aims to encourage you to make a determined resolution to follow the Lord (i.e. to make up your mind that you will follow the Lord) – and to help you carry out your resolution.

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