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The Christian’s Attitude

The Christian’s Attitude


The Christian’s Attitude Title Pic

The Christian’s attitude is not always what it should be. Therefore, we need to challenge ourselves to develop the proper attitudes at all times!

Since what we are describing is the Christian’s mindset, this is an important study! Proverbs 23:7 helps us to understand the significance of the Christian’s mindset:  “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he….” So, the attitudes (mindsets) that we have about various things will govern our actions – and be influential in determining whether our lives are lived according to the teachings of God’s word or not!

For example, if you do not have the proper attitude toward assembling with the saints, you may neglect those opportunities, fail to worship properly, be discouraging to your brethren, etc. If you do not have the proper attitude toward clothing, you may wear revealing, suggestive, or immodest clothing that fails to glorify God. If you do not have the proper attitude toward entertainment, you may be watching sinful television programs/movies, listening to ungodly music, or participating in other unrighteous activity in the name of “entertainment.”

The purpose of this study is to encourage you to think about your attitude (mindset) as a child of God, to understand the importance of your attitude, to understand who/what must shape your attitude, and to understand who you must be as a Christian.

Study this lesson by using the downloadable material, video, audio, and lesson text below! Click here if you have any questions regarding this lesson or would like free Bible study help.

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