Warning Signs Of Drifting

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Are you drifting away from God? One of the most effective ways Satan gets people to stop serving the Lord faithfully is by “inching” them away from God. Satan often recognizes that it will be easier to get people to stop following God inch-by-inch rather than convincing them to stop attending church services altogether, stop studying the Bible completely, stop calling themselves Christians, etc.

So, he works gradually over as long a time as is needed to separate people from God. Rather than their faith being completely extinguished all at once, he will work to keep someone busy and distracted so that they do not work to rekindle their faith and let it slowly die out due to neglect. By doing this, those whose faiths are burning out often do not recognize it until it is too late. Not that it is too late for them to return to the Lord, but they have often become so desensitized to the sin they are living in that they no longer have the desire to return to God and serve Him faithfully.

But, as Christians, we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Corinthians 2:11). Therefore, we should recognize that Satan is trying to use the things and situations around us to lure us further and further away from God. We must not allow him to catch us unprepared and allow ourselves to drift away from God.

In this lesson, we want to honestly evaluate some warning signs we should observe that we are drifting away from God. Although I am sure that more could be added to this list, these are common warning signs that many Christians have ignored on their path to unfaithfulness. Like a fever is a warning sign that there is something wrong with our physical bodies (i.e. disease, infection, etc.), these should serve as warning signs that there is something wrong with our spiritual health. Therefore, if we can quickly identify that we are drifting, we can get our lives right with the Lord before we fall too far away from Him and before it really is too late!

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