We Have An Anchor (Lesson 8: Steadfastly Abounding In The Work Of The Lord)

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We have an anchor that works to keep us steadfast in serving the Lord, even though the storms of life pound against us and the current of life tries to pull us away from God! Surely, we would be drifting and lost at sea without this anchor. This anchor, as we have seen throughout this study, is the hope of eternal life in Heaven.

Think back over the storms of life that are howling all around you. These are the trials and sufferings that people experience while they live on this earth.

Then, think back over the threat that you face from the current that is at work in this world. This is the constant pull and lure of the world away from God.

There is so much that is working against us in order to get us away from God. But, if we keep our eyes focused on the eternal salvation that God has promised to those who serve Him faithfully, we will be steadfast and abound in the work of the Lord!

In this final lesson of this series, we want to consider this text in Galatians 6 and learn how we can steadfastly abound in the work of the Lord – in the face of all that we are struggling to overcome. Even in a world that is full of evil, suffering, trials, temptations, and persecutions, it is possible to remain steadfast in serving the Lord Jesus Christ. And, it is possible to even abound in the work of the Lord. But, it all comes back to the anchor of your hope!

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