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What Lamp Are You Using?

              Jesus pictured life on this earth like walking on one of two roads in Matthew 7:13-14. He said that one road leads through a narrow gate into life (eternal life in Heaven) and is difficult to walk on. Then, He said that the other path is broad and leads through a wide gate into destruction. But, what lamp are you using to help you determine the path you should walk on?

1) You will use a “lamp” to make decisions about your path. You will have many decisions to make during your earthly life. So, I want you to think of the standard you use to make your decisions by as a lamp. In every situation, you are going to evaluate your options and decide which is the “right” path to take. But, there are many “lamps” you can choose to use. And, they do not all cast the right kind of light on your decision and help you make the right choices.

2) Lamps that take you in the wrong direction. Listen to Proverbs 21:4:  “The lamp that guides the wicked – haughty eyes and an arrogant heart – is sin.” So, there are some “lamps” that you hold in front of you as you journey through life that deceive you and hide the real consequences of your decisions.

Specifically, this text speaks of some people using “haughty eyes and an arrogant heart” as their lamp. So, whenever they try to make decisions, they are focused on what is in it for them. Whichever path is shown to produce more immediate earthly treasures and pleasures is the path they will choose.

Then, there are other “lamps” that are used. For instance, some people evaluate the path they should take by the lamp of human tradition. Whichever path has been taken by their parents, they have taken in the past, or they have always been taught to take is the one that is determined to be the right path. Or, some people evaluate the path they should take by the lamp of the conscience. So, whichever path feels right to them is the one that will be taken. Or, some people evaluate the path they should take by the majority opinion of other people. They take the path that the most people are on, thinking that it will prove to be right.

Yet, all these (and other) lamps that are man-made fail to actually lead people in the right way. For, none of them are perfect and always leads people in the right way. They always have some flaw in their design (because they have not been designed by God)!

              3) The lamp that always leads you in the right path. For all the “lamps” people choose to live by, God has given us one that always leads us in the right way that will result in everlasting life in Heaven. And, it is the only perfect “lamp.”

Psalm 119:105-106 says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path. I have solemnly sworn to keep your righteous judgments.”

God’s word will always tell you the absolute truth about any decision you must make in your life. And, it will only lead you to make decisions that will help you spend eternity in Heaven. It will expose the broad path as being dangerous by exposing the eternal fires of Hell that are waiting at the end of it. Therefore, you must simply determine that you will keep the righteous judgments of God concerning what is right and wrong that are outlined in the pages of His word!

So, what lamp have you been using in your life? What lamp have you used today? Do you always hold up the lamp of God’s word and accept whatever answer He reveals to you in the pages of His word as being true? You must recognize that only His word of truth will perfectly lead you in His ways at all times!