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About Us

Welcome To – A Platform To Help You Discover God's Word And Teach It To Others.



My name is Eric Krieg. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, member of the church of Christ, and a truth-seeker. My passion is to understand God's word and help other people do the same. As part of that work, I have been preaching the gospel on a regular basis since 2007 and began this website in 2009.

As time has progressed and I considered how I should use this website to preach the gospel, my thoughts kept coming back to this question (and they still do): “What would I want from a Bible study website?” So, as I considered many of the challenges involved in studying the Bible and applying it to my life, I have created this website to serve as an answer to many of those challenges. For further explanation of the Discovering God's Word Bible Study Series, click here.

First, I wanted a resource that only taught the truth. While I am not claiming to be infallible or to have perfect knowledge, I am committed to only publishing words of truth. Now, please don't just take my word for it. Test every word I say by the Bible and draw your own conclusions. My best efforts have been spent to make sure that every word on this website is Biblically true, because error is simply not acceptable!

Second, I wanted a website that had a wide-range of Bible study material, in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand format. I didn't want ten different websites for ten different subjects and have ten different formats to study – and pay for all those studies. Instead, I wanted one reliable resource to find high-quality Bible studies that were easy to understand and use – that would make a good starting point in my study. This is why the studies you find on this website are formatted in the easiest possible way I know how and have all been made available for free – and in multiple formats.

Third, I also wanted a customizable path for spiritual maturity. I knew that every person matures in the faith at different speeds and every person starts at a different point. So, Bible studies cannot take a “one size fits all” approach. Although every person needs the same truths available in the Bible, everyone arrives at those places differently. This is why there are so many studies available on this website on so many different subjects (with more being added regularly). My hope is to help you learn how to choose the best path for spiritual growth available to you.

Now, I have been blessed to have many people in my life to help me understand and rightly apply God's word. But, many people don't have access to such a collection of spiritual mentors. And, online searching efforts can soon become wearisome.

So, we have designed as a platform for free Bible studies you can use for your own study and to help others learn God's word. All the Bible studies have both free and purchase options, depending on the format you choose. The studies have also been designed to be flexible and customizable. For help getting started with the Discovering God's Word Bible Study Series, click here.


Why I Do What I Do is not a website looking to make money for the sake of getting rich (although I do have costs associated with running it). Instead, it is a way for me to provide a service to people who are looking to learn God's word, live it out in their own lives, and teach it to others. In providing this service, my hope is that God is glorified in some small way, people become stronger in serving Christ, and the lost are saved by hearing and obeying God's word. The goal in all things is for God to be glorified and to help others spend eternity in Heaven.


What I Ask From You

When you study anything anybody teaches, you must be diligent and test it for yourself. Compare what is taught with the perfect word of God. As you do this, if you find that what I teach is the truth, I simply ask that you make the appropriate applications of it to your life.


How You Can Go Even Deeper

I didn't want to just publish a website, put a bunch of Bible study material on it, and wish everyone good luck. Instead, I wanted to offer people some help and encouragement along the way. Now, you could just choose to go at it yourself. And, that's perfectly fine. But, I also want to give you an opportunity to go even deeper with me.

“People Of The Book” is a group of people who want to love, trust, study, live, and teach God's word. I work with this group through emails, newsletters, webinars (coming soon), a private Facebook group (coming soon), and any other way I can to help them accomplish those five goals. If you would like to join “People Of The Book” and receive this help also, sign up below.


A Special “Thanks”

I could not do anything that is done on or through this website by myself. Although my name appears throughout the website, there are others who have contributed to this site in significant ways. Without their help, this website may never have happened – and it certainly would not be where it is today.


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